dynamic control solutions

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

A well laid out, informative and user friendly HMI is an integral part of any automated process. At Dynamic Control Systems we develop HMI applications that both fit in with our customer’s business needs as well as ensuring ease of use for the end user. We achieve this by programming user friendly intuitive screens all built within a structured hierarchy. We will work with your production and engineering teams to design HMI applications that help improve overall machine visibility and efficiency.

We have developed both stand alone HMI’s that interface directly with the machine control platform as well as networked HMI’s which operate via a client/server configuration. Our HMI’s can be developed to display machine status, active alarms, production metrics, I/O status while also offering the operator/technician the ability to enter process control data for transmission to the mainline controller.

All our HMI applications are delivered with a full documentation package including HMI design specification, Operating manual and relevant associated drawings.

We have experience developing HMI applications using the industry leading manufactures such as FactoryTalk View ME & SE, PanelView 32, WinCC, Wonderware, Labview